At Bullett Magazine

These Collages were created during my Internship at Bullet Media

On Fridays, they would release pictures of a photo shoot, indicating a style. For every day, we had to create some sort of visual diary, building up towards the Friday images.

The Monday Collages were a mood board, introducing the style of the week with a very broad imagery. Other days focused on make up, others on products, and the closer to Friday, the more visible was the style on the collage. 

The Fashion Editor would select some images to start with, I would continue the search, also using the photo shoot images as a reference. Following that, the Editors would go through the process of editing, which I found to be very informative. And then at last I could get on with the actual Collage: cut, arrange, rearrange, paste!

The first attempt

To me, a Collage is the most visual explanation of what Graphic Design is; a combination of elements, creation of new constellations with bits and pieces that are an already existing matter, which eventually are consumed and learned information from your lived and experienced past. 

These Collages are from an elder series I created in 2010. They are completely random and just an expression of chaos, remix, selection...and glue.