GeekGirl Meetup

how it came to be

GeekGirl Meetup in Elle UK's Feminism Issue, October 2015

I joined GeekGirl Meetup (GGM) just over a year ago, after I had attended several of their breakfast events. I had previously also attended lots of the Creative Morning ones, and loved how felt every time I left one of these talks, at 9.30am on a regular morning. I felt enriched, inspired and motivated, it took me out of the daily working routine as well, and every time I ended up learning (about) something. It was around Christmas 2014, when it came to me and I thought, hey, why not! Work at that time didn't feel very inspiring and I felt like I had enough energy to put it in something else I believed in. Thankfully help was required and there I was - a breakfast with the girls later - part of the GGM team. It quickly got me extremely passionate,  it had always been inside of me, that motivator to other girls to just do it, no matter what it was. 

A year later, we've organised over 12 talks, a very successful coding weekend in April, and an equally successful conference in September 2015. Although it cuts quite a bit into my spare time, every bit has just been extremely worth it. 

Last October we celebrated a very proud moment, having been featured in Elle UK's Feminism Issue as part of their 'More women for more women' campaign. 



The Startup Van caught up with The Geek Girls. A group of passionate women working in tech, design and startups. Check out for more info

Geek Girl Meetup can be described as a network for and by women interested in all things tech, code, design, and startups. Our ambition is to highlight female role models in the digital and tech industry, create networks to mentor each other, share ideas and, of course, to have fun. 

We arrange monthly breakfast or evening events and a yearly conference thus creating a platform for all participants to share their knowledge and inspiring stories with other GeekGirls. 

GeekGirl Meetup is a global network that was founded in Sweden in 2008 by Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren.


2015 conference: Creativity, technology and the future

Every September, we organise a one-day conference. The 2015 theme was Creativity, Technology & the Future, and so we invited over 30 women to come and talk about some kick-ass topics. The conference was held at Second Home London, and was attended by over 180 women. 

Designing the campaign identity and collaterals has been a fun distraction from the kind of work that I do day-to-day. View gallery for some images of stickers, the schedule and tote bags. Further below I've also embedded the video of the conference.



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WEEKEND WORKSHOP: spring into code

Geek Girl Meetup and Girls in Tech joined forces and organised a weekend introduction into code workshop. It was held at Twitter HQ London (so cool!) and attended by over 100 women. 

Again, I had full liberty and lots of fun designing the campaign identity and all visuals, including event splash page, stickers, program, flyers, newsletters, etc.