Corporate Identities

corporate identities

Patrik Schwitter

Patrik Schwitter is a recording, mixing & mastering engineer and producer from Zurich. I had the honour of designing his identity, which needed to reflect his 20+ years in business and yet not lose his playfulness.

After three iterations both of us were pretty happy with achieved result. 

Further to the identity I was also designed the business cards for Patrik.  




Creating ones own identity must be the most difficult thing to do for any designer. Never happy, never neat enough, nag nag!

We had to do this as an exercise once back at Uni, and surprisingly I was quite happy with it.

Years later, it still seems to work for me. 


GL Funds

Redesign of Identity for the Zurich based Hedge Fund company GL Funds, the last image showing you the old Identity.

School of Visual Arts

Due to a name change at the Film Department of the School of Visual Arts, the Logo needed to be adjusted accordingly. The second image shows you the "before".

The Unloved Kids

I was asked by the kind bloggers of The Unloved Kids to give their existing logo a proper graphic treatment, without changing its essence. 

I changed the existing heart symbol with a symmetric one, kerned the font which they wanted to keep, changed the colours of the heart and the type, aligned the typography with the shape, and applied proportions and a grid to the whole thing.


I was commissioned to create a logo for a fashion commerce website that is yet to be launched.

The naming had already been decided on, and I based my design solution on their tagline "As the Backstage is the heart of the Fashion Show, the Wardrobe is the heart of your Style".

The box with the cuts represent a wardrobe.

Regina Editorial

Design of a logo for a fictional publishing house called Regina.

It was my first ever attempt in creating a logo, and after some research and playing around, I arrived at this simple but yet effective solution.

I still keep it on my website after all these years mainly because it reminds me of the famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away".