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Middlesex University

Middlesex university - wayfinding

Timeframe: Ongoing
Role: Information & Graphic Designer

Middlesex University has been a client of Steer Davies Gleave, for whom we have created work on an ongoing basis. In the past year, we created three campus pocket maps, a graduation and an induction week wayfinding strategy and the relevant artwork for these temporary events. Further work created includes campus wayfinding auditing and updating and keeping the information on these maps up to date. My role consisted in supporting the lead designer with designing, updating and creating concepts, layouts, artwork and strategy reports.


Campus Pocket Map

Including “getting to” directions, context map of all the campuses, and detailed map view. 


Induction Week Guidelines

Movement analysis and suggested locations for signage elements. 

Further, a A4 map with instructions was created based on the movement strategy.

Printer Locations Map

Printers Map for students created using base map and restyling it to communicate the desired information. We used the floor plans to communicate exact locations of the many printers. 


Graduation Ceremony

Artwork design plus guidelines for the yearly graduation ceremony.