What others say

What others say

True, I could just tell you that I am hard-working, passionate, curious, dedicated, ambitious, a fast learner, independent yet collaborative, FUN!, and reliable – but it's probably more credible if others say it :) Below some feedback I have gathered, from colleagues, internal and external clients. 

"Migi has worked on two high profile web projects in the US and has risen to the challenge. Clients are very impressed with her work and she has started to work well in meetings and demonstrations. She has also been working to coordinate London team members, as I am in the US - this has worked well." - C.N., Associate at Steer Davies Gleave (SDG)  

"It really was a pleasure being a part of the unusual investigations Mergime did to evolve an optical hook (i.e. logo) for my kind of business. To describe her attitudes in short: brilliant ideas, quick response, the gift to merge different point of views into a focused bottom line, perfect time schedule. Therefore she's a pro! Hence for me there are no hesitations to ask her again for this level of convincing designing skills. Conclusion: i'm really happy with the end result!" - P.S., private client (freelance work)

"Migi is cool, calm and confident - and in turn gave me confidence that she and her team would deliver what was needed, when it was needed. And she did deliver it, on time and budget and to the quality standards required. ... Migi is clearly a very organised worker - and paired with her calmness and confidence, means she is an effective team leader. I really appreciated having Migi to coordinate the creative input the project needed - and she did so in such a way that I didn't have to worry about it." - J.P., Associate at SDG

"This year Migi produced excellent examples of good quality of work, I'm particularly impressed with her work for the RWC and TfL SRTPs both in terms of process and outputs. ... Migi establishes direct communication with clients when required. She comes across as professional and credible in front of clients of senior and non-senior levels." - J.R., Principal Designer/Associate at SDG

One of her main strengths is that she does exactly what you ask for, when you ask for it. There are very few people that I can rely on like this, so it's greatly appreciated. This is a great skill especially when she is usually managing a number of tight deadlines." - R.M., Senior Consultant at SDG