RWC Trip Planner

Winner of the 2016 London Transport Award in the category of ‘Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing’


Tasks Involved: Concept development, User Journeys, Task Flows, Wireframes, Stakeholder & Client Presentations, InVision prototyping, Test Script writing, User Testing, Result analysis & evaluation, Brand application & Guidelines, UI Designs.
Timeframe: January - September 2015
Role: Lead UX & Graphic Designer
Challenges: The last screen which had to include the whole journey, but also features such as ticket purchase, warnings, alerts and tips - fighting over every pixel of real estate.

Steer Davies Gleave was commissioned to build the 2015 Rugby World Cup spectator journey planner. The difference between this one and everything we had done before was the level of how bespoke it had to be. In terms of development, there was a lot of data we had to include manually, lots of new country wide transport feeds which we included, and for the first time we used Google Maps as base map. For me personally it felt very interesting to design for such an iconic brand, which respectively had very developed (and closed) brand guidelines. The whole process was very enjoyable as we got to do lots of the ‘in-an-ideal-case-scenario’ aspects of UX, built and design. 

After the kick-off meeting we mapped out task flows and the scenarios, wire framed the screens and created a prototype, which I then presented to the client. Following the sign off the built started, and as usual I worked very tightly with the developers. 

Since a lot of aspects were new to us, we did two rounds of testing. On the first round we invited 20 colleagues from the company who knew nothing about the project and made them go through two scenarios (5 tasks). We evaluated the screen and audio recordings and made amendments based on that. At a later development stage we ran a second round of user testing with an external group. 

In theory it was a very linear journey, but in a late stage before the launch we had to retrofit several features based on client and sponsors' demand, which I often find a challenging task. 

The project was received very well by the public before and during the tournament. We had a record of over 360'000 users, who have generated over 475'000 sessions! It felt quite good but scary at the same time - so much responsibility! 

It is our most successful product to date, it has even been nominated for a 2016 London Transport Award in the category of 'Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing’.