Thesis Project

Thesis project 'habaluc'

As thesis project, we get presented around 8-10 briefs with real clients. Students from all areas then form multi-disciplinary groups. The thesis I chose was shared with a Business Design student and an Art Direction/Advertising student. 

The client was Habaluc - a startup company, that wanted to launch the first online platform for events in Spain.

In general, the brief was quite open: Create a Business Marketing Plan that would be benefiting to the startup.

I chose this thesis because it had so many aspects that I was really interested in. First, it was a startup, and I was very curious to know about the possibilities and limitations to work within a company with such a status. Then, since it was an online platform, I liked the whole technological approach to it. Whatever our idea was going to be, it had to somehow be related to the online world. 

Just these two characteristics already called for an innovative solution. After months of research, conceptualization and development, we proposed to introduce Crowdfunding into the event platform; let people have the opportunity to crowdfund their event proposals. 

We were supported by two tutors; a Graphic Design teacher, with the weight on tendencies, apps and web (Interaction Design), and another teacher (Head of Innovation Managament at ACC1Ó) advised us on Business Design. 

All in all, it was an extremely interesting process. From the aspect of co-working, to interchanging knowledge within disciplines, to using synergies.

The thesis contained marketing, in the form of surveys, focus groups, and research of secondary data. All this data then had to be transformed into meaningful charts, which was something I enjoyed doing. It also involved a market of a whole country, a demand, an environment, and most importantly: people. 

The visual results were also very interesting to create, we had to produce several dossiers, where I did all the editorial work including the production.

During my thesis project there was a moment, where to explain a concept, I wanted to do mock ups of an App. 

Since Apps have been a subject of interest to me already before this thesis started, I took this opportunity to do some research and comparison. I finally had an excuse to spend time exploring this topic!

The concept we wanted to explain with these supporting visuals was called “The Habaluc Explorer App”. The function of the App was basically location based exploring of Events; today or in near future.

It was comparable to a lot of Apps that currently existed. I was already using some of them, and then I downloaded another load upon research and recommendation. 

The images here show you the final result.